Magic Jack Review
An Insider Look at the Magic Jack VOIP Device

Magic Jack Voicemail

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Magic Jack, let us give you a little overview of this product. Essentially, the product itself is a USB dongle type device that plugs into your computer. You then plug a standard phone into the other end of it and you can use it to both make a receive calls, over voice over IP technology.

However, what is most impressive about this is that the yearly service fee is just $19.95 and that included unlimited calls to all phone numbers in the USA and Canada, meaning that this service could potentially save you hundreds, or even thousands on call costs every year.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes loaded with features that are included in the price. Caller ID, call waiting and a phone number are just the icing on the cake and another feature that we perhaps fail to mention as much is the Magic Jack Voicemail.

We tend to take voicemail for granted these days, with most of us having it as part of our cell packages and the answer machine service being available on many standard landlines. However, for this to be incorporated into a voice over IP service as a part of a standard fee is impressive and adds a whole new level of convenience to Magic Jack.

It’s infuriating missing calls from colleagues, friends or family but whether the calls are professional or personal, business or pleasure, we simply cannot be available to take telephone calls 24 hours a day, can we? This is where Magic Jack voicemail comes in.

Magic Jack voicemail, much like voicemail services you have probably used with your cell or standard landline, enables callers who are unable to get through to you to leave a recorded voice message. This means that they can let you know what they were calling for and when the best time to call them back will be.

Voicemail is a simple concept really and one that’s been around for long enough that many of us take it for granted. But I know that I personally wouldn’t be able to live without some form of voicemail these days.

It’s these additional features that give Magic Jack the edge over the competition and the man behind the service is so sure that you will love Magic Jack, that he is offering a free 30 day trial of the service to anyone within the USA and Canada.

The free trial is loaded with all of the features of the full service so you can try and decide for yourself whether you want the service. So what are you waiting for exactly? Get your free trial today!

(Remember, we're in no way affiliated with YMax whom magicJack® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.)