Magic Jack Review
An Insider Look at the Magic Jack VOIP Device

How To Install The Magic Jack

More and more people are buying the magicJack because of its numerous useful features, particularly its ability to allow users to make local and long distance calls to the US and Canada. Aside from being reasonably priced, the magicJack is also quite easy to install.

If you have already bought one or if you are considering buying one, then here are the installation steps which would make you realize that setting it up for use is almost literally as easy as 1-2-3.

First off, you would need to plug the USB device which is included in the package into a USB port on your computer. Make sure that it has been directly plugged into the USB port, either with or without the use of the USB extension cord. Do not use a multi-port USB hub, as your magic jack would not work with it, unless the USB hub is AC powered.

You could then plug a cordless or analog phone into the other end of the magicJack device and then wait. It would just take about a minute to load the program which it would use to make it work on your computer.

You would first see the picture of the device and then a couple of messages followed by a screen which would tell you that the program is loading. Once it is done, you would see the Softphone screen on your desktop. This screen could be minimized if you are not using the magicJack for calls.

You could use the Softphone screen to dial the number that you want to call, although you can also dial directly using the phone that you have attached to the magic jack.

The Softphone screen would also be where you can see your dialing history. It also has an address book feature as well as useful links that you can click to access Yahoo, Google, 411 pages and your voice mail.

If, at any point, you encounter any problems during the installation, you can just visit the official website of magicJack. You could download a tool there that would help you resolve any issues you encounter. You could also read about some other helpful information and tips on how you can make sure that your magic jack is always working properly.

As you can see, installing the magicJack is easy and simple and you should be able to do it even if you do not have a lot of technical knowledge. Through getting your very own magicJack, you would not only be able to call anywhere in the US and Canada for free but you would also enjoy several other features without any additional charges.

Try it for free today through the risk-free 30-day trial and discover just how useful it can be for you and your family.

(Remember, we're in no way affiliated with YMax whom magicJack® is a registered trademark of - we just love and support the product.)